Coin Store

Coin Store Operated Laundry Facilities
Lakeside Laundry Equipment has been designing and building innovative self-serve coin laundries since the mid 80's.


Multi-Housing Laundry Equipment
We can maximize your revenue opportunity by installing and maintaining the laundry equipment in your multi-housing units for you.


On-Premises Laundry Equipment - OPL
Lakeside Laundry Equipment can create an on-premises laundry (OPL) that is a more cost effective alternative to sending linens out.

Investment Opportunity

Coin-Operated Laundromats
Looking for a business that offers a steady income, growth potential, low risk and a high return on investment?
Welcome to Lakeside Laundry Equipment Company

Over 25 years experience in the installation and service of commercial laundry equipment! Distinguished distributor for Maytag Commercial Laundry products.

Maytag® Commercial Laundry Honors Lakeside Laundry Equipment Co. with the Multiple-Housing Excellence Award. Click here to read more.

Lakeside Laundry Equipment, serving Cleveland, Columbus, Pittsburgh, Erie, Detroit, Michigan, offers commercial laundry equipment solutions for the Coin Operated, Multi-Housing and On-Premises Laundry applications. With over 50 years of combined experience, our senior staff knows how to configure washers and dryers, hot water & heating solutions and supporting products to build you a cost effective and profitable laundry business.

Commercial Laundry Equipment and Service

Lakeside Laundry Equipment has an experienced team of people to help you run your laundry business. We can help you:

  • Select the correct laundry equipment configuration
  • Design your laundry room layout
  • Sell, lease or rent your Maytag commercial laundry equipment
  • Right-size your utilities
  • Install your laundry equipment
  • Teach you basic laundry equipment repair principles
  • Perform ongoing laundry equipment repair and maintenance

Request a quote by e-mail (click here) or call us at  216-475-2040 or Toll-Free at  800-628-2588.

As a Maytag distributor, we work with the best commercial laundry equipment on the market.
We have extensive experience in servicing the following markets: Coin/Card Operated Laundry; Multi-Housing Laundry; On-Premises Laundry.


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Maytag Commercial Laundry

Maytag Commercial Laundry Equipment
Electrolux Authorized Partner

Commercial Laundry Financing

USC Commercial Laundry Financing

Upgrading your commercial washers and dryers can be a big expense. Lakeside Laundry in partnership with US Capital Corporation offers financing options so you can improve the bottom line of your operation today. Get started now!

Red Carpet Service

Maytag Red Carpet ServiceRed Carpet Service for Commercial Laundry Equipment

Through the Maytag “Red Carpet Service®” Award, Lakeside Laundry has been repeatedly recognized for its superior service for commercial laundry equipment. Our installers and technicians are factory trained. Only those Maytag authorized companies who complete and maintain a rigorous set of qualifications can keep this important distinction.


Whirlpool Commercial Laundry

Coin / Card Operated Laundry

Coin / Card Operate Laundry

Multi-Housing Laundry

Multi-Housing Laundry

On-Premises Laundry

On-Premises Laundry